With the latest update, AnyTrans is ready to let you migrate from Android to iOS 11


We tried AnyTrans, an interesting software that allows us to transfer files from Android to iOS with ease and speed, useful when you want to switch from one operating system to another and when you want to have a tool available to run a simple switch to a new terminal.

To many of you will have already happened in the past to switch from Android to iOS and vice versa, so you probably already know AnyTrans, a software developed by iMobie that, among other things, allows you to make a deep migration, but simple and fast, data on an Android device, an iPhone.

The news today is about the latest update of AnyTrans, which allowed him to be ready in the front row for the arrival of iOS 11, iPhone X and iPhone 8.

AnyTrans is available for MacOS and Windows, free of charge. Thanks to the software, you can pass (converting, if necessary) many types of files and data from your old Android smartphone, to the new iPhone that you intend to grab as soon as it becomes available.

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The software presents itself as an alternative to the other solutions already present for this kind of operation, like the same Apple app available on the App Store, and allows the transfer of different types of files including contacts, messages, music, video, and backgrounds.

It ranges from call logs, messages and contacts, to audio files, videos, and documents. All without having to restore the iOS device to factory conditions and without overwriting data.

With AnyTrans, however, you can do even more.

anytrans 1

For example, you can control the transfer of data from iCloud to the device, or even merge data from multiple iCloud accounts, or even more freedom of choice in reconfiguring a new iOS device with data from one or more devices more dated.

In short, a suite really almost essential for all Apple users who, in a few weeks, will be able to switch to the brand new iPhone X (or to the renewed iPhone 8 and 8 Plus ), an Android smartphone or a previous iPhone.

For more information and to download AnyTrans 6, we refer you to its website.

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