AnyTrans, advanced management of iDevices with Air Backup


With each version, AnyTrans brings more and better news. A powerful application that lets you manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even iTunes and iCloud all from one place.

In spite of all this paraphernalia of useful functions, we can not help but be surprised by the new function of Air Backup where AnyTrans takes all the work and backs up the data of any iDevice automatically, wireless and in a safe way.

Despite the excitement with the new functions and improvements of AnyTrans, first of all, the most important things: the presentation of this tool.

It has been on several occasions that we have had the opportunity to present the one that is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive tools for information management in the Apple ecosystem. The latest version can be found on the developer ‘s official website.

What brings you back? Air Backup

Keeping an up-to-date backup of our iPhone data is vitally important, as many of us must have realized through experiences that sometimes worse are better.

Once the iPhone gets lost or gets damaged, no matter what the reason, having the backup updated is our only hope of finding photos, messages, and other valuable data and reset everything in its original state. Now, as you know, it is quite difficult, not to say time-consuming, to manually create backups from time to time.

This is where AnyTrans takes on this hard work of automatically backing up our data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: all wirelessly and safely.

The good thing about this is that the user does not need to wiggle or even know what’s about to happen: simply knowing that all of our essential data is and will be protected with daily, weekly, monthly, or always-so security if you wish. This function was called Air Backup.

It is avoided to say that this new version is fully compatible with iPhone X. In order to download the software, it is always possible to visit this page, with all the associated details.

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Simplicity in iCloud content management

To support the management of iCloud data and files, AnyTrans presents an efficient and ultra simple solution. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can download photos, add a new contact, edit events in your calendar, delete older notes in your iCloud account, without having to access the website.

If you want to export data from your accounts, such as contacts or notes, and more, you can set the output format as you want.

Is AnyTrans better than iTunes and iCloud as a backup solution?

Keeping an essential data secure: The more data a backup contains, the better it will be to recover what has been lost. Knowing this, AnyTrans backs up more essential data than iTunes and iCloud.

Photos, messages, contacts, apps, even imported or synced images, videos, and audio files. All that matters is the fact of being stored safely.

Faster than you might think: AnyTrans works much faster than iCloud for wireless backup of important data in minutes. It is no longer necessary to connect our iPhone to a power source and wait, forever … While we use our smartphone, the whole process runs smoothly and once the process is over we will hear a notification: backup done!

Say goodbye to the storage limit: When working with optimized incremental backup technology, every backup created by AnyTrans consumes less storage. It will be possible to store tons of backups without filling the hard drive.


With every version, AnyTrans can still surprise. In recent times surprises and new functions have led to consider whether it is still worth using iTunes or iCloud.

Of course, for the more purists, not using the base tools of the Apple universe is, or maybe, “a 7-headed animal”, but for those who are eager to try new tools, no doubt AnyTrans will amaze and, perhaps, create addition (in extreme cases of course!)

For those who want to test for free, with versions for Windows and Mac, can consult everything in this official link of the programmer.

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