Android Pay and PayPal join forces to facilitate payments with the mobile

As technology advances, companies seek to create services that facilitate certain daily tasks that we can carry out with some apparatus that we have always at hand.

android pay and paypal
Such is the case of the payment with the mobile, something that we always carry on and that would facilitate us to pay the products of an agile and safe.

But the companies have taken it to the point that there are several more services when a couple of them would suffice and would not complicate us so much.

Fortunately, Google has decided to put a grain of salt in this aspect and has joined forces with PayPal to facilitate the ‘contactless’ payment method.

The collaboration between Android Pay and PayPal allows users to use the account of the latter service to make payments in establishments, but for the moment only in the United States.

So far, there are millions of people who use their PayPal account, either to make purchases online, to give money or to receive it, but soon they will be able, thanks to this collaboration, to use that same account to make payments in establishments, and even in Android applications.

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The downside is that, for now, it will only be available in the United States.

People residing in the US can start linking their PayPal account and use it with Android Pay in the coming weeks.

At the moment it has not been mentioned whether it will leave the United States or, if so when it will happen, but it is certainly something that could come quite well to users.

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