Android Auto works only on phone without a smart car

Although several days have passed from Google I / O 2016, further new information from the event and Android Auto part of the news that we propose American company coming period.

Apple created CarPlay Google has made Android Auto. These are two interfaces that you can see the machines installed in the last year or two years, to facilitate interaction with your iOS or Android phone.

It seems that the Mountain View giant wants to try a completely different approach to the problem.

Instead, you need a supercar to take advantage of an interface optimized for the driver interaction with a focus on large buttons and voice commands, Android Auto will be available as a mobile app. Thus, the car will be fully compatible with optional service. Instead, you’ll need a phone holder through which you hold your smartphone nearby.

Google officials announced that in the forthcoming period should be launched the new application and that should make life significantly easier for those who spend an extended period of time at the wheel. The idea behind the new program is that it will not work as a link between the car and phone, but as a stand-alone utility.

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In other news, the new Android Auto may find that you have a car a little smarter, even if you have just made an investment in a phone.

Functionally, once you have enabled the new interface, you can use voice commands to interact with incoming calls or messages. Guests can enjoy sailing or you can change the music without touching the smartphone. OK, even Google will be extended functionality for physical interaction with the phone to be the last on your list of priorities.


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