These are the new features of Android 7.1.2: important bug fixes and battery usage alerts

Although we are already before the periplus of Android O and the previous one for developers, that allows being before some characteristic striking, Android Nougat is still finishing to be defined to already have the Android 7.1.2.

Android 7.1.2

Android 7.1.2 has been officially released and deployment has begun for Nexus and Pixel devices.

The best thing about this deployment is that enough bugs have been fixed and that they spent their time being a stumbling block to getting the maximum user experience.

First for the Pixel

The update contains a number of bug fixes, added features and general improvements in system performance and stability. The following is the most striking of the new version:

  • Improved gesture performance on the fingerprint sensor
  • Bluetooth connectivity enhancements
  • Battery Usage Alerts

Bug fixes are used for the inappropriate closure found in some cases, a solution for users experiencing the “pink fringe” on the camera and the removal of those sounds in the audio that some users were experiencing at a high volume.

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The only new feature of 7.1.2 is the battery usage alerts that first appeared in beta 2 of this version of Android. The peculiar thing about the solution of the problem of closure inopportune is that is still uncorrected in the Nexus 6P, just the phone from which have arrived the majority of the reports.

Therefore, there are other change notes for the Nexus

  • Improved stability of notifications
  • Gestures on the fingerprint sensor in the 5X / 6P
  • Improvements in overall connectivity
  • Battery Usage Alerts

Although the gestures in the fingerprint sensor were original of the Pixel, it was even said that the exclusivity was due to the hardware, finally, Google has incorporated it to the Nexus, as we see in this publication.

Factory and OTA images that can be downloaded are now available if you do not want to wait for Android 7.1.2 Nougat to arrive on the normal channel.

Download  OTA Factory Images

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