Android 11 DP 2: two more commands for the new double tap gesture on the back

Android 11

With the second release of the Android 11 Developer Preview, two new commands are added to those already listed, as shown by the videos of the colleagues of Xda Developers that we report.

Specifically, we are talking about the possibility, always making a double tap on the back of the device, to make a screen capture (screenshot, if you prefer) or to call the task manager. In addition, Google appears to have refined the recognition system to prevent false inputs.

Going back a few days in fact, we had told you how the first Android 11 Developer Preview ( HERE you will find all the constantly updated news and a dedicated video ) hid an interesting feature: inside the SystemUIGoogle APK they were, in fact, some references to a new gesture system called “Columbus”.

Once activated, Columbus will allow you to perform a series of actions via a double tap on the back cover of the smartphone. The most interesting thing noticed by the source is that, unlike other systems such as Active Edge and Motion Sense, Columbus does not require any specific hardware, but only the presence of the gyroscope and accelerometer (practically available in all devices).

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According to the source, the actions currently executable through Colombus gestures are:

  • interruption of the timer
  • starting Google Assistant (animated image on the left)
  • launching the camera app (animated image on the right)
  • Play / Pause media playback
  • lower status bar
  • mute incoming calls
  • alarms cancellation
  • disable notifications
  • perform an action chosen directly by the user

The sensitivity of the gesture, 9to5google points out, is currently very high and therefore involves frequent involuntary activation of the same. Google is aware of this: within the code, there are already some references that suggest that in the future the same users will be able to adjust the same sensitivity through the Settings.

Although it works correctly on several Pixels (even the older ones like Pixel 2 ), it is not clear whether this function will be made available on the entire range of Made by Google smartphones or only on future models such as the Pixel 4a or Pixel 5.

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