AMD reveals unofficial “Oculus Ready” processors list

The marketing campaign dedicated to the launch Oculus Rift is huge. This implies giants such as Nvidia, Intel and Dell (with Alienware). Unfortunately, AMD is partially left out.

Although not listed AMD microchip compatible with Oculus Rift, the company published yet famous series processors matched with virtual reality glasses that will launch early this year.

Oculus Rift glasses manufacturer already announced ideal configurations that will be compatible with virtual reality glasses, and though most are supported by Alienware, they involve parts manufactured almost exclusively by Nvidia and Intel.

True, AMD graphics cards are supported by Oculus, especially those from AMD R9 290 up, but AMD processors are totally ignored.

However, AMD does not leave ignore and have decided to publicly announce the list of processors that can go strictly in terms of performance, Oculus Rift glasses, but only if users will know how to make them go together.

Apparently, the five processors that will be compatible with glasses Oculus Rift are FX-9590, FX-9370 (both are processors octa-core attaching frequencies above 4.7 and 4.4 GHz) FX-8370 and FX-8350 (two processors octa-core from AMD with frequencies above 4GHz). Also, surprisingly, AMD FX-6350 and believes that the only hexacore processor in the list is compatible with Oculus Rift glasses.

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The list of processors offered by AMD occurs following information sent by AMD to Forbes magazine. Unfortunately, Oculus glasses come with a small application that will check whether users have at least Intel Core i5-4690 processor.

AMD microchips are not officially recognized by Oculus, so application processors will be considered “red team” as incompatible with virtual reality glasses.

Probably owners holding glasses Oculus AMD will have to find a way to move small application compatibility requirements, so they can run virtual content with ease on AMD microchips.

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