Amazon Echo has created the absolute laziest way to order pizza

Alexa, the AI built into the Amazon Echo, keeps appointments, shuffles music, recalls sports scores, and tracks the weather, but now the smart speaker knows a new trick: ordering pizza.

Domino’s is bringing its AnyWare technology — which allows orders to placed with the pizza chain using smart devices — to the Echo, enabling users to order a slice with voice commands.

To utilize voice-activated pizza summoning, users just need to link their Domino’s Pizza Profile to the Amazon Alexa app. Following the pie’s progress is as easy as asking Alexa to check in on Domino’s Tracker, which shows the journey your meal takes, from the oven to the delivery guy to your doorstep.

The Amazon Echo marks the eight platform for Domino’s AnyWare program, which allows users to order and track pizzas across an assortment of methods, including smartwatches, Twitter, smart TVs, and even emojis.

“We want to continue making ordering pizza as convenient as possible,” said Domino’s vice president and chief digital officer, Dennis Maloney. The feature is being tested out just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, which Domino’s claims is five times busier than a typical Sunday.

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Once activated and ordered, giving Alexa the phone number associated with the order will allow her to keep you up-to-date on the pizza’s status, ensuring you won’t have to leave the couch or take eyes off the screen this Sunday, just in case you have particularly hungry/impatient guests over to watch the big game.

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