There are already rumors of Face ID in the iPad Pro, and it does not surprise us

iPad Pro will have FaceID

Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI Securities has said what is practically a no-brainer: the next generation of iPad Pro will have FaceID.

The tablets do not offer so many space restrictions to be able to place the necessary cameras and sensors and are a completely logical evolution after the arrival of the iPhone X.

Face ID would, of course, only be present in the iPad Pro. The iPad “dry”, which sells for about 400 euros currently, would continue to include Touch ID to save costs and continue to sell as an affordable option for all those who do not need the latest.

Now that Face ID is already known, it is quite obvious that the cameras of the system are introduced not only in the iPad but also in the Mac. The hardest challenge, which is to place it on the iPhone, has already been done. Little long-term future I see to the button with Touch ID of the MacBook Pro, for example.

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But we also have to say that it will take a long time to have FaceID normalized. It lacks that the iPhone X, a phone with very limited stock, is sold enough.

And after that, people need to learn how to properly configure and use this system. How long will it take to see how Face ID is common in all? They can be years. It’s all about seeing adoption.

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