Almost no one uses the ‘phone’ in their smartphones, data shows

According to Deloitte, an increasing amount of people are no longer using their smartphones for what they were initially intended for – to make phone calls.

Among the company’s other predictions for 2016, 26% of the people – or about one in four people – in developed countries won’t make any traditional cellphone calls at any given week this year.

Deloitte is attributing the decrease in cellphone calls to what it is calling “data exclusives,” who are those amongst us that have found ways to communicate without having to actually talk into a smartphone.

Call me, maybe?

And increased variety of ways to communicate with people and business, including through apps and social media, is the reason for the decrease in phone calls, according to Deloitte.

“Phone conversations with friends and family, for example, have been supplanted to an extent by social networks,” the company’s report said.

“An app can replace the calls we would have formerly made to order a take-away, request a taxi, book an appointment or make a bank transfer.”

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To put it in numbers, data exclusive smartphone users increased to 22% in 2015 doubled since, and this will likely continue to increase in the following years.

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