The first clues indicate that the AirPower and AirPods with wireless case would arrive in March

The Apple post, an American medium, has received information from an anonymous source in the Best Buy chain of stores.

And in that information, there is an interesting fact: Apple’s Qi charging base, AirPower, could reach stores next month. And it would be accompanied by the AirPods with the wireless charging case.

Authorized distributors like Best Buy will start selling these two new accessories on the same day as Apple itself, just as it was done with AirPods and the Apple Pencil.

So far it has been a strategy that has worked very well, so in Cupertino, they should want to give it another chance.

We still do not know the price of these accessories

Recall that the base AirPower is capable of charging, with a single cable and plug, three devices: the iPhone, the AirPods and the Apple Watch Series 3.

It is still unclear if the wireless charging case AirPods will be sold by separately or if it will also include AirPods, and we do not have data about the price that all these novelties can have.

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If this rumor is fulfilled, we could baptize this first quarter of 2018 as the quarter of Apple’s accessories.

HomePod, AirPods with the wireless case, AirPower … and we may have even more interesting final surprises. We will continue to watch for more leaks.

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