Activision film studio’s new co-chief is behind some of your favorite flicks

Activision Studios, the production company announced this past fall to bring TV and movies based on Activision-Blizzard’s video game properties, has appointed high-profile Hollywood exec Stacey Sher as its co-president.

An impressive filmography under her belt, Sher has worked as producer on Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight.

According to IMDB, Sher also has credited production roles on films such as Garden State, Matilda, Erin Brockovich, Along Came Polly, The Fisher King, and sci-fi required viewing Gattaca.

Activision Studios was created by video game behemoth Activision-Blizzard to produce in-house television and movie projects based on its stable of franchises.

Sher will work alongside Nick van Dyk, who worked at Disney before being announced as the other Activision Studios co-president back in November.

A children’s animated show based on the Skylanders line of toys and games is already in the works, with plans to produce a cinematic adaptation of the wildly-popular Call of Duty series in the near future.

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A movie based on Warcraft, another franchise under Activision-Blizzard’s umbrella of intellectual property, is also arriving to theaters. However, the film is under production by a third party, Legendary Pictures.

The hire of Sher by Activision Studios is not only a good get for the company, but with a talented producer on board, we may also see the end to gaming’s penchant for crappy film adaptations. (Insert cheap jab at Uwe Boll here.)

Top Image Credit: User Coolcaesar (via Wikipedia)

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