Action Launcher 38.1 gets nice with the latest Material Design

Action Launcher is next to Nova Launcher one of the main launchers of applications available for Android. Since the name was changed to Pixel Edition, his main effort has been to include news from Pixel Launcher and other Google applications. This update goes the same way.

The list of new features is extensive, although it can be reduced mainly to one: it adapts the design to the look of Android Pie. The main beneficiary of this change is the adjustments section, completely renewed, although other sections also receive the paint layer.

“Google-like” settings

As we mentioned, the adjustment section is the one that has received the greatest amount of changes. The most obvious, the aspect, which mimics how the Android settings on Android Pie look. Android also borrows the possibility of looking for adjustments, so you do not have to waste the afternoon going one by one until you find what you are looking for.

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An added advantage of these new settings is that it is easier to preview the effect of an adjustment before applying it, without having to rely on descriptions or activate it, go out and try for yourself.

In addition to this redesign, the start-up wizard has been renewed, the Pixel Launcher style has been applied to the application search bar and the QuickTheme support has been improved (the custom color settings).

Along the way, you lose the permissions to read SMS and calls used to show your number on the badge, and instead, you will use notifications, as in other apps, as well as several bug fixes. You can download it, as always, from Google Play.

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