A new video gameplay of Dark Souls 3

Thanks to a new video appeared on the Internet, we can get an impression about the gameplay of Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 already knew about some interesting things. For example, remote attacks will have a smaller impact on magic while strong attacks on nearby targets will consume nearly half the magic meter.

As in Bloodborne, there is only one way that a player can choose, but patience is rewarded. Attention to the environment can save you many unnecessary confrontations.
The new video, which lasts six minutes, we can deduce some things about the gameplay of the upcoming game. As people write to Eurogamer, the environment is very similar to Bloodborne and the player can make a quick step to the side to avoid the blows of the enemy (if you do not want to carry a roll). This, interestingly, will reduce your magic meter, no stamina.

Not least, it seems that an Estus Flask can now be used for both health and magic. Unlike Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 will be available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PC. The game will be launched on April 12 this year.

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