Secret German WW2 code machine found on eBay

Historians have discovered a coded machine used by Adolf Hitler to exchange secret messages to his generals put up for sale on eBay for £ 9.50.

Volunteers from the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park have traced the keyboard Lorenz extremely rare, after seeing it on site. It was presented as a machine for writing telegrams and historians they said they had been abandoned in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, full of filth.

A machine used by Hitler to communicate encoded found on eBay

Historians have paid £ 10 on the teleprinter and quickly found work as introduce simple commands in German, which are then encrypted using a cipher machine connected to it using 12 individual wheels with several settings to make the code.

Representatives of the museum will find an engine failure, which is still a key piece of equipment. Volunteers have found that the teleprinter number engraved official army official, who matched the recently borrowed a machine from Norway.

Lorenz SZ42 sent from Norway, resembles a typewriter and is one of the 200 Lorenz machines used during the Second World War.

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From what we know so far, only four survived, and now we are talking about is the number in 1137 and was used at German headquarters in Lillehammer, Norway. The museum believes that, because Norway was occupied by the Germans until the end of the war machine would have received the message of the surrender of the Nazis at 00:00 on May 8, 1945, according to BBC.

Andy Clark, chairman of the museum administration Lorenz said that the car was hidden in a safe place because it was considerably higher than the famous Enigma machine. Everyone knows about Enigma, but Lorenz was used for strategic communications, according to Clark. Volunteers hope to replicate the process of encryption and communication used by the Germans till June 3, to show exactly how intriguing machine was used.

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