A $200 Free Ride from Uber for Amex Platinum Card Holders

Anything which is available for free will definitely grab the attention of the people in general.


Most of the people who are in the line of business are very well aware of the fact of giving something for free. It means that they bringing in more customers to their business and it will definitely become big in its business. There are many business people who are willing to provide discounts for their loyal customers.

Uber has been providing comfortable and hassle-free rides to its rides at affordable prices. The company has made its service available in around 400 different locations in 90 different countries. It is tremendous growth which the company has reached since the time it started its business of ride-hailing. The company has to provide different kinds of rides to the public, a normal car ride to a ride in a chopper as well. Want to perform better riding experience with some other uber alternatives you may try with the dectar handy travel mobile application they had some excellent features compare from other travels apps in the market.

American express is a multinational financing organization in the United States and the revenue of the company is said to be around 34.44 billion dollars. The company has been providing different kinds of offers for its customers. They have added a few benefits to the Platinum Card which it has given to its customers. One of the offers which they have given is a 200 dollar credit to their car for the Uber rides which they might take.

An Amex Platinum Card Holder will be credited with 200 dollars to their account and their status on Uber will be changed as “Uber VIP”. The new card design would be a make from stainless steel which would be the metal for real. If we look into the actual credit which is provided to the user of 200 dollars which they can use as for a free ride, doesn’t seem to be appealing.

The users, who have added their Platinum cards to their Uber account to make the payment for the ride will be credited with 15 dollars every month, expect for the month of December when it is 35 dollars. Unfortunately, if the user does not use the credits which have been added to their Uber account, it wouldn’t be forwarded to the next month cycle.

Riders with the Amex Platinum Card and with the credits for every month must be using the credit or else they will be losing it. So the rider has to use the credit if they are taking the ride through Uber within the said month or it is simple if they end up not using it at all then they will lose it. If we consider this particular scenario, the rider with the Amex Platinum card should be taking a minimum of 12 rides with Uber to avail the credits to its fullest.

This particular change is happening because Amex is remodeling its card to compete with its strong contenders of financial services. Providing many offers and benefits for the card holders is its own way of modernizing and improving its way of business amongst the people. Apart from that, there is a new update for the card holders, there is and hike in the annual charge for the charge, which is going to rise from 450 dollars to 550 dollars from March 30th onwards.

There is another benefit added to the card, which are 5X membership reward points for the bookings made through the amextravel.com website. Recently there was an addition made, where the users will get 5 reward points for the airline booking which they have made through the airline website itself, rather than booking from the travel website of Amex.

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For the riders with the Platinum, Cards will be able to avail the credits of 200 dollars through Uber is by taking at least a ride through the service. It is a good offer which the riders are able to avail, but unfortunately, there is no use to it, if they are not riding with Uber. In fact, the 15 dollars per month for the ride will definitely go down the drain if they are not actually into Uber by any means.

They are millions of people out there who actually do not use Uber and are Amex Platinum Card holders. Thus for them, there is no requirement of the free credits in the first place. They would be glad if they are able to get the same credits for a service which they are using on a regular basis. This special offer from Uber and Amex might be appealing only for those who are actually using the service.

There is a hidden reason behind this particular add-on of credits for 200 dollars for the rides of Uber. Amex is planning to retain its platinum card holders, as it seems like they are leaving. It is one of the undeniable facts that Uber has been used by many millions of people across the United States. The financing company planned to give this offer to its customers hoping that they would remain with its business.

Apart from that, the company is remodeling the card with stainless steel, it is said that the centurion card had the metal previously and now it is the turn for platinum. People are mostly used to use plastic cards predominantly and this new kind of card is something out of the box, creative and innovative on American Express part.
Amex Platinum card holders already do possess a 200 dollar credit for the airline tickets which they purchase. Another 200 dollar credit for the rides with Uber might not seem to be a surprising factor for them. The best thing about the perks which Amex is giving to its customers is these wonderful exciting credits. People are hugely benefitted with these offers and we can expect that there will be more offers coming from Amex.

On the flip side, we can see that there is a rise in the annual fee for the card by 100 dollars. The company is giving away credits for its customers to stay with its business and simultaneously it has increased the fee for the card. There is doubt creeping up now, will the customers stay to avail the credits or would they leave not wanting to pay an extra 100 dollars for the card? This is something which Amex needs to look into and think about it.

Uber has been providing a set of different kinds of services since the time it has started its business. It has been around 7 years since they started the ride-hailing and we can say that they have come a long way. In the recent times, unfortunately, the company happened to go through a rough patch, where there were speculations made against the company for its work culture.

It is true that at the moment they are going through different kinds of hardships from all the corners. As a matter of fact, they are still able to manage to hold on to the top position against all the odds. In fact, it is an appreciable thing that, the officials are being able to maintain the decorum, by keeping all the allegations at bay and making sure that they do not come in the way of their growth.

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