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Virtual reality is a trend that is here to stay, believes Timm Lutter from the Bitkom branch of industry.

TVs have, for the most part, been designed to neatly fit set-top boxes underneath. When it comes to headsets meanwhile, things can start to look messy very quickly. Enter Numskull, who has produced an officially-licensed stand for Sony’s PlayStation VR ...

Enter Numskull, who has produced an officially-licensed stand for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

How do I watch 360 YouTube on PlayStation VR? A big update to YouTube in the PlayStation Store has enabled a PlayStation VR mode, and that means the ability to watch 360-degree videos through your PSVR has arrived! 360-degree YouTube ...

Update: This update is now live for all users, according to the PlayStation Blog, so go forth and experience YouTube’s finest 360 videos. Original article below… As far as virtual reality headsets go, the PlayStation VR is already pretty well ...

More than 30 Best Buy and GameStop areas in the US will have demo stations for PlayStation VR prepared to go today.

Where did the damnation that originates from? Capcom recently uncovered that Resident Evil 7 will be a full PS VR experience.

With the Oculus Rift to begin shipping next month and HTC’s Vive pre-orders to launch in a couple of weeks, we may now know when Sony’s PlayStation VR headset will make an appearance as well. Even though Sony has so ...

Amazon Canada has reportedly listed the price for the PlayStation VR on a pre-order listing, pegging Sony’s VR headset at CA$1,125.35, which places it at just under US$800. While the pre-order listing, which was reported first by Forbes, is still ...

Sony has announced it is to spin off its PlayStation business into a newly-branded company. The new company brings Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment LLC (responsible for running the PlayStation Network services) together to form Sony Interactive ...

These are the titles of the main VR games that we saw in 2017. Take note and grab the command.

Project Scorpio as well as Playstation 4 Pro, in my opinion, can not be considered as a new generation console as all the games

Qualcomm has updated its own reference platform for stand-alone VR glasses on the new SoC Snapdragon 835

While you can have plenty of fun with the PlayStation 4 right out of the box – and some games, of course – a few smart enhancements can really amplify your enjoyment. We’re talking about accessories, of course, and they ...

VR porn isn’t a thing of the future. It’s here now, and easier to find and access then you may have thought. When it comes to watching videos on VR, one of the first questions many people asked was whether ...

The console market is in a weird place right now, and this has big implications for what form the PS5 might end up taking. A lot of this has to do with Sony’s announcement of the PS4 Pro, a mid-generation ...

Update: As Dying Light has reportedly induced nausea and, even worse, presented unreadable text in VR, we’ve gone ahead and replaced it with the electrifying Raw Data at number 17 on our list! Picking the best VR games at the ...

Update: In addition to sprucing up our whole article for timeliness, we’ve added word of HTC’s Vive Tracker, introduced at CES 2017, which is capable of transforming practically any household object into a VR controller. Read on to find out ...

PlayStation 5 will be released as early as 2018

“We’re at the beginning of a 30-year cycle until we get the ultimate VR/AR device.” You might not want to hear it, but that’s how long Qualcomm’s VP of Product Management Tim Leland thinks we’ll have to wait to realize ...

Since their tease during Microsoft’s big Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update event in New York back in October, we’ve been waiting to see exactly what these Windows 10 VR headsets running Windows Holographic will look like when they ...

The original PS4, however, had two layers parted by a gap for the disc drive and two USB ports while the PS4 Pro has three layers.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro launch is just one week away now and the company decided to reveal today the full PlayStation 4 Pro launch line-up via press release.

Mafia 3 will join the continually developing rundown of diversions that bolster Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 4 Pro support.

The landing of a prevalent machine, be that as it may, doesn’t mean the modest PlayStation 4 has lost its capacity to convey fine stimulation experience.

In March, Electronic Arts and Sony declared they were cooperating to make a variant of Star Wars Battlefront, for PlayStation VR.

The strange thing is that Microsoft has even announced yet not "Xbox One VR".

PlayStation Vue review Update: PlayStation Vue is slowly shaping up to be the cable killer Sony promised it would be. Today the company announced that it would lower the price of its plans by $10 and add ABC, Disney Channel, ...

Google has an all new VR section in the Google Store, where it has begun, finally, selling its own Cardboard headset. Previously, Google’s affordable Cardboard VR headset was only available through third-party companies, making your own with downloaded instructions or ...

LG’s Dr Ramchan Woo, VP of product planning at the brand, hates VR at the moment. It’s too bulky, he says, and ruins his hairstyle. So that’s why LG’s made the VR 360, a headset that clocks in at just ...