8GB RAM and Hello X30 Rumoured for New Mezu

What and not using a Meizu rumours final week we had been beginning to fear about the organisation, however, they’re again with a bang this week.

Meizu rumours are inclined to hit the Chinese news retailers day-to-day but the final week was once unusually quiet for the Zhuhai phone maker (might be due to 11:eleven) nonetheless their advertising workforce have received again to work this morning with an interesting piece.

Today’s modern day is all about one other “mystery” flagship from Meizu and the processor that is could have when released.

We all know that Meizu won’t be using Samsung chipsets, and the ongoing legal battle with Qualcomm (to not mention all those back royalty repayments they owe) will prevent them from utilising a Snapdragon chip.

It’s once more looking that the new Meizu will run a Mediatek chipset, but no longer one we have already seen!

The information is that the phone could be the first device to launch with a Mediatek Helio X30 chipset!

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The processor would be the most powerful chip from the Taiwanese company up to now and is their first SoC made using 10nm technological know-how.

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