6 reasons why you should play online Half-Life shooter Sven Co-op right now


Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op: not a game featuring Swedish football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson, but a fast and furious multiplayer shooter based on Half-Life. The 17-year-old mod recently turned into a free standalone game on Steam, so you really have no excuse not to give it a go.

Featuring levels packed with hivehand-armed alien grunts, electricity-slinging vortigaunts and the same soldiers that gave your quicksave finger plenty of exercise back in 1999, Sven Co-op is a nostalgic trip back into Gordon Freeman’s world.

Here are 6 reasons why you should download it, pronto.

1. Nobody really knows what they’re doing

Sven Co-op

For better or worse, Sven Co-op is organized chaos. Landing in the middle of a 32-player server mid-campaign is like abseiling into the electronics section of a high-street retailer on Black Friday. Being swept along with the crowd is all part of the fun; that is, until somebody decides to block off the exit to an underwater section and causes the whole team to drown. Thanks, U_MAD_BRO123.

2. It’s Half-Life!

Sven Co-op

Well, duh. Sven Co-op is set in Half Life’s original game world, so prepare to feel nostalgic if you played Valve’s Classic and its Opposing Force/Blue Shift spin-offs all those years ago. Solders discuss tactics in distorted union on their radios, three-legged Gonarchs are as terrifying as ever, and unleashing a family of snarks upon an unsuspecting enemy while crouched in a vent is still one of the most satisfying ways to add to your kill tally.

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3. Custom skins

Sven Co-op

“Hey guys, is there mushroom for one more player?”

4. No two levels are the same

Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op has been around for a long time in mod form, meaning there’s more than 900 community-made maps to play through. Maps have different difficulty levels, feature different horde sizes and pit you against bosses of varying toughness. The way that most maps are designed means that you’re unlikely to make it through to the end unless you cut through the chaos help your team-mates.

Some maps equip you with a full set of weaponry from the start, while others may force you to cope with a crowbar and a medkit until you stumble across an armoury. Some of the most popular maps are ‘Crystal’, ‘The Escape Series’ and ‘Osprey’, but whichever you land in, it’s unlikely to feel the same as the last.

5. Turrets still make you feel superhuman

Sven Co-op

They might be more scripted than an X-Factor episode, but Sven Co-op’s turret set-pieces are curiously satisfying. As vortigaunts spawn left, right and centre, ask a team-mate to stand by and heal you while you rain a hail of bullets upon the enemy like a minigun-wielding T1000.

6. It’ll run on a potato

Sven Co-op

Well, probably – Sven Co-op’s minimum specs wouldn’t scare a calculator. The game’s creators recommend Windows 7, a 2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 128MB video card for the optimal experience. Looks like that decision not to upgrade your Pentium 4 rig was a savvy one after all.

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