6 Factors that Separate Good Games from Disasters

When you’re ready to build a new game, think about what draws people into playing some games for hours. You don’t want someone to download the game only to abandon it after a few minutes. Games can grab and keep users’ interest in a few different ways.

Some players love an intriguing story or get attached to your characters. Good games also enable the player to be involved and make decisions, instead of telling the user what to do. Use a combination of top game characteristics to create a unique game that will attract the dedicated gaming audience.

Stunning Design

Offer a captivating atmosphere to grab the player’s attention at first glance. When you create a vivid, complex scene, visitors feel invited to step into a different world to live in it, share it, or conquer it. Use 3-D animation and motion graphics and to transport your players to an alternate reality or a different time.

Real-Time Communication

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You need to make your game stand out by offering enhanced features. The best modern games often enable players who are in the next town and around the world to play together. Successful games support one-on-one and group voice and text communication. Games that include embedded real-time voice and video software, such as Agora for mobile games, create an exciting multi-player experience.

Compelling Storyline

Players are spending time in the world you created. Don’t bore your visitors. Research your audience to learn about what kind of stories and characters interest them. Write a compelling story and build the game to support the story and introduce the characters. Allow the plot line to progress to get players invested in your characters as users move through the game.

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Seamless Gameplay

Your players are in another world, reaching level after level. Nothing ruins the gaming experience faster than a pause in the action or a full-on software crash. Gameplay should be seamless, with nonstop action to keep players entertained. Build your game to avoid loading screens and reconnecting issues that frustrate users. Don’t forget to schedule time for complete testing during your development process to help limit execution problems.

Innovative Options

Design an entirely new game to attract a loyal gaming audience. If your game looks like a rehash of a popular app, you need a fresh start. Find new ways to move the story forward, and offer options that let users customize avatars and game direction. Provide different rewards to entice players to return to the game often.

Complete Experience

Now pull these ideas together. A game that combines a unique look and an exciting story built on a platform that keeps the game moving can entice more players. Testing your software with real users will help you avoid long load times and crashes. Work to create a cohesive experience that your players can’t wait to try again.

Review these ideas about what makes a good game to help you avoid disaster. These tips can help you create a compelling game that keeps players engaged in the virtual world you’ve created.

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