5 Samsung VR Games That Should Inspire You

Virtual reality is coming and it will blow your socks off! All of your socks, both VR and actual real life ones. But there is still some time before the VR tide engulfs us all.

After all, it‘s foretold that four-fifths of the VR market will be in mobile headsets. They are not as immersive as Oculus or HTC Vive, but a lot more affordable. And mobile VR doesn‘t get much bigger or more sophisticated than Samsung Gear VR. So what are the best games you could play on this device? What games will show you the way to VR game future?

Anshar Wars 2

Anshar Wars 2 seems like a fully-fledged VR space shooter title. It goes far beyond any gaze-control endless shooter where your ship is blasting endless waves of enemies with a never ending stream of plasma and lasers. No, Anshar Wars 2 puts you in a space fighter that has to take on a variety of missions. Battling the nefarious Nergal space empire, you will fight other ships in space, support capital ship missions, attack bases and portals, fly ground attack missions and even get into close confines of planetary tunnels and canyons. It‘s like a more arcade-y Starlancer meeting good old Descent, only with you piloting the plane with the movement of your VR headset. Anshar Wars 2 serves as a good of how an easy it would be to make a space game with stock 3D models: after all, everybody loves making spaceships, and nobody cares how unique they look, as long as they get to blast alien space scum!

Land‘s End

Have you ever watched someone play the Witness, but though that it would be better if it was more relaxing and on VR? Well, Land‘s End is here to work on that desire of yours. It comes from the creators of Monument Valley and it‘s full of beautiful vistas: you‘ll see lovely sunsets and stylized, blocky mountains, pastel colored islands and a lot of vibrant blue energy lines. It‘s a serene setting filled with mysterious puzzles that range from the relatively simple to real head scratchers. The pace, the sound, and the visuals all merge together to deliver one of the most soothing, most relaxing VR experiences out there… until you get stuck on a puzzle, that is!

Land‘s End also serves as an example of how VR loves stylized environments: it works well with the limited hardware of mobile VR, and both the eye and the brain have an easier time accepting these environments than they would with realistic (but still somewhat lacking) creations.

Smash Hit VR

You know how cheap 3D movies want to impress you with their 3D-ness by throwing things at your face? Well, in Smash Hit VR, you fight back! In this very much abstract game, you will be constantly moving your head to shoot geometric targets anywhere on the screen. Be fast, or you might just miss them or hit them head on! The game seems to have a physics engine at work, too, which leads to some beautifully shattering targets. Maybe this has been achieved by conserving the mobile VR resources via the stylized environments? In any case, this is a fun little game, and a relaxing romp through some flying, gently hued environments!

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Well, now that we‘ve read about two nice and relaxing games, how about some pants-wetting horror? Dreadhalls is more than happy to oblige. It looks like something between Amnesia games and Legend of Grimrock: some of the horror of the former, more of the visuals from the latter. You will explore deep, dark dungeons, open locked doors as you go, hope that you don‘t run into creepy wraiths just waiting to ambush you at the end of a hallway… or any gargoyle statues that move when you‘re not looking at them. Luckily for you, your character can close the doors behind them to keep safe, and they carry a lamp too. The lamp needs oil, so here‘s some inventory management stacked on top of your bladder management. All in all, Dreadhalls is a good example of how relatively simple low polygon assets can go a long way towards an effective game.

EVE Gunjack

But you know what? Screw restraint, let‘s fire up a game on a real game engine! We‘re going Unreal Engine with EVE Gunjack! Developed by the same guys that made EVE Online and EVE Valkyrie – One Of The Three Big VR Spaceship Games – it‘s actually a turret shooter. More than that, it‘s the best turret shooter of all time. This game makes full use of Samsung Gear VR‘s touchpad controls, as you control your fire, reload your guns, as well as use powerups during the fight. It‘s amazingly beautiful to boot. Even the menu is an immersive romp in the cockpit of the turret. And the-the moment you see your digital body, and the way it starts acting during the loading sections is simply awesome.

And there you have the five best games for Samsung Gear VR. We hope that you not only read about them but also try them out. But why not go the extra mile? Why not make a game yourself? As you can see in most of our examples, it‘s the idea that matters the most. The execution doesn‘t have to match AAA games in visuals. In fact, the 90 FPS requirement for VR means that you‘re better off with stylized, well optimized low polygon 3D assets. Well, you can always buy those on online stock 3D model marketplaces. And game engines are basically all free these days. So how about you stop playing and start creating?


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