3 Easy Tips to Free Up Space on a Mac

Although your Mac may have quite a bit of storage space, as time goes by you’ll inevitably find that it is starting to fill up.

That is never a good thing, seeing as even if you haven’t quite run out of space completely a hard drive that is close to full will affect the performance of your system as a whole.

In short, you should try to free up some space – and if you want to do that there are three easy tips that could go a long way to help out:

  • Use the built-in storage optimization tools in OS X
    Click on the Apple menu and select ‘About this Mac’ then click on the ‘Storage’ tab to find a set of built-in storage optimization tools on OS X. With these tools you can set it up to automatically store files from your desktop, documents, photos and videos on iCloud, remove iTunes movies that have been watched, empty the trash, only download recent attachments, reduce large and unused files, and so on.


  • Delete apps that you no longer need
    Most people tend to keep apps around – even if they aren’t using them at all. Needless to say that will consume quite a bit of storage and ideally you should try to get into the habit of deleting apps that you feel you’ll no longer use. At very least review the apps that are installed once a month and remove whatever isn’t needed.
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  • Clean out junk files on your Mac
    One of the big culprits that could be eating into your storage space is the presence of too many ‘junk’ files such as cache files, logs, duplicate files, old trash bins, and so on. Trying to manually find all these files can be difficult, but with the help of a decent automated cleaner you should be able to quickly remove them from your Mac and free up a tidy amount of space.

If you’re looking for a good Mac cleaner that can help you to get rid of junk files and free up storage space then there are quite a few that you could turn to. Out of these some of the more notable ones are Movavi Mac Cleaner, MacBooster, CleanMyMac, and MacShiny.

While all these cleaners are capable of removing junk files, their features and effectiveness vary. Some such as MacShiny are missing important tools such as RAM clearance, or CleanMyMac that can’t locate duplicate files. In fact the two best Mac cleaner apps are probably Movavi Mac Cleaner and MacBooster.

As much as Movavi Mac Cleaner and MacBooster may be well-matched in features, the latter is considerably more expensive and has no live chat support. That makes Movavi Mac Cleaner the favorite, and it will help you on numerous fronts if you want to clean junk and free up space on your Mac.

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