2016 Targets: GetYourGuide is ready to expand into new markets


GetYourGuide, the Berlin-based company for booking tours and other travel activities, announced its aim to expand into new markets this year and invest more in the further development of its mobile platform. The news was made public following the successful Series B round of investment, during which $25 million were reached. The investment was led by previous investors Spark Capital and Highland Capital Partners, and it is the latest installment out of a $46 million over 5 years, with $14 only the last January, part of a Series A round. “We’ve been extremely impressed with the growth all over the last year and we have decided to double down on investment with another $25 million“, said Spark Capital General Partner Alex Finkelstein.

Expansion into the mobile sector

The company launched last October its first mobile app available for iOS and Android. The app has the same functionalities offered by the platform, allowing the possibility of booking various tours and activities in various destinations around the globe, including big cities like Berlin, New York, Rome or Paris. The platform also published regular articles and feature reports dedicated to the latest travel trends and recommendations as well as practical tips for preparing the trip.

According to representatives of the company, since the launch of the app, around 60% of the bookings are made via mobile.

The increased presence of the company in online continued with participation as third part content. Since January, GetYourGuide information is integrated as third part content on the HERE beta app for Android aimed to offer guidance of travelers exploring a city. The information about guided tours and other local attractions can be obtained by selecting the Nearby function. As for now, HERE is still available as a beta app.  

Since its launch, the company focused on diversifying the international content, by offering a dramatic challenge to the classical way of booking holidays. The system used on the platform is very simple, allowing the users a convenient way to search for and book holiday tours and attractions before reaching the travel destination. In this way, it offers the travellers the best option for planning their time and scheduling their activities when on the road. Last minute options are also available as well as specific search choices as vegan or vegetarian restaurants.

GetYourGuide has a share of $100,000 of the travel market. Europe represents half of it, but the representatives of the company aim to expand to other markets until the end of the year. The US, where the company also has an office, in Las Vegas, represents the second important market of the Berlin-based company and the further development of the mobile app is expected to bring more customers from this region. At the beginning of this January, the platform counted around 25,000 users. According to representatives of the company, for 2015, there were more than 2 million users of the platform.

Over 25,000 activities

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The platform offers the possibility of booking around 25,000 activities in more than 2,400 destinations. Third part travel companies are allowed to present their services on the platform too, in an effort to constantly diversify the category of services offered. The activities offered are diverse, from skipping the line tickets to an outstanding exhibition or museum in London or  New York City to cooking classes in Thailand, bungee jumping or electric bike tours around Paris.

The representatives of the company did not disclose yet the specific markets targeted by the further expansion, but Asia or the Middle East are both important players on the travel map with an increasing presence among the destinations covered. .  

The company was launched as a platform aimed to hire local students for tour guides but following a dramatic relaunch it focuses more on promoting local sightseeings and tours. In April 2013, GetYourGuide acquired the competition website Gidsy. Founded in 2011, Gidsy, which counted among his backers celebrities as the Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher, functioned according to the same principle to GetYourGuide, allowing users to book tours and travel activities in 140 cities from 40 countries. In 2011, GetYourGuide launched a partnership with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site for sharing the tours offered by the company.

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