Tidal may be doing even worse than you thought

Ever since Tidal was taken over by Jay-Z in 2015, the streaming service has made its mark with big names, unique features, and most notably, its larger-than-life attitude.

However, it appears the service may have also padded its numbers to be a little larger than real life, following a report from Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

The paper alleges it found documents saying the service had only 350,000 subscribers in September of 2015 – a time when Jay-Z himself said the service had broken a million users.

The report also claims the service only had 1.2 million users (only 850,000 of which were subscribed to a premium tier) this past March. Tidal claims it had 3 million subscribers as of that month, according to Billboard.

Turning the Tidal

It’s also worth noting that the term “subscribers” could describe both users that sign up for the service or those who’ve actually dropped money on one of Tidal’s premium subscriptions. This lack of clarification could explain the discrepancy between Tidal’s numbers and Dagens Næringsliv’s report, though it’s unlikely.

We’ve asked Tidal for a comment as well as specifics on its past and present stats, and will update this story if any new details develop.

Boosted or not, Tidal’s reported numbers are still a far distant competitor to its two biggest peers, with Apple Music hosting approximately 20 million paying subscribers and Spotify boasting an impressive 40 million paid subscribers as of June of 2016.

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