Microsoft Edge is always after you, even when you turn him down

Microsoft Edge is not so revolutionary and flexible as it would like Microsoft to believe. For whatever reason, the browser from Microsoft insists to watch the sessions your browsing on the Internet whether you want it or not.

According Forensic Focus, browser from Microsoft is stupid to track the sites you visit, even when you do it in private mode browsing.

What’s worse is that the browser save the history of sites visited on the hard disk of the user, even in how private browsing, form of special files format ESE, which is basically an abuse.

Yet, the explanation given by Ashish Singh, the author of the Forensic Focus trying to justify why Microsoft decided to save full browser history on your hard disk Edge.

Apparently, when a user makes their Microsoft account and log in to another computer, the history of websites visited by the Internet will be displayed on the new device.

The reason why the Redmond giant decided to save the history of websites visited HDD users is to avoid storing it on a server elsewhere, which would have caused a scandal.

In this way, information is even stored on users’ computers and no one else has access to it than Microsoft account holders.
However Singh wanted to point out a weakness in the system.

If you would like authorities to check the history of a browser while two different users use the same account on two computers, it will not know which of the two users to access a website or another.

Private mode to navigate the Internet is not intended to hide the history of sites browsed by the authorities, or at least should not confuse their history combining multiple users in one.

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