8 Ways Apple Continues to Change the Tech World

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Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to consumers in January 2007, which revolutionized the cell phone as well as Apple products. It’s hard to believe the iPhone has only been around for 10 years since for many, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

Apple has changed the way we communicate and work, among many other things. Here are eight ways Apple continues to change the tech world.

The Pocket Computer

The iPhone is a combination of several tech items. It’s basically a computer with internet connection, a phone, and a camera, all on one device. This is an amazing feat, considering computers first started out as large as rooms. Apple continues to find ways to keep complex devices compact and easy to use.


The iPhone and other Apple devices gave way to apps, which are also accessible on other company devices. Many businesses have started thanks to Apple’s creation of apps. There are now a few million apps available, which bring in several billion a year. Not bad for something that has only been around for a decade.

The Selfie Age

The unexpectedly popular selfie craze came to fruition when Apple installed front-facing cameras on the iPhone 4. Many thought these were for video calls. Not only can people talk on cell phones, they can also see who they are talking to, thanks to Apple. This was not a creation of Apple, but more of something created by the people using the smartphones.

Unique iPhone Designs

The Apple iPhone made the bulky older cell phones uncool and the sleek, new design of the iPhone something that many other smartphone creators have copied. The first-generation iPhone was a little thicker than today’s models, but not much has changed about this revolutionary smartphone. Some have had larger and smaller screens as well.

iPhone SE is the newest in the famous line of iPhones. When paired with reliable carriers, such as T-Mobile, the iPhone SE can do things never expected. With its many designs, the iPhone can fit easily into pockets or purses and feels light when held during traditional phone calls and conversations.


Apple makes it easy to maneuver and travel through uncharted territory. Before the modern GPS, many people would study paper maps and map booklets before embarking on an adventure such as a vacation or road trip. Apple devices, such as the iPhone, make it easy to get around unfamiliar places. It’s hard to imagine driving without it!

What Phone Call?

With so many people texting, Skyping, and using other types of video calls, the old-fashioned phone call is becoming less and less of a need at this time. Social media platforms are now easily accessible to communicate with just about anyone as well. People still use cell phones to call, but with so many other options to speak and write to others, it’s not as much of a need as it used to be.


In the modern age of technology, many people send more texts than talk on the phone. Apple made this easy by creating threaded text messages. Before the iPhone, you had to click on each text to read it individually. It’s hard to imagine this with how easy it is to text back and forth nowadays, with either one or a group of people.


Something many take for granted is the touchscreen. These exist thanks to Apple. When cell phones first began getting popular, you had to push each individual letter or number to make a call or text someone. This could be difficult when buttons would stick and not move. When Apple came out with the touchscreen, this eliminated sticky buttons, and many other inconveniences.

These are just a few of the feats Apple has accomplished just in the past few years. Apple is in the process of having smartphones available in cars and on smartwatches. What else does Apple have up its sleeve? These are exciting times for Apple and the tech world in general. Make sure to check out the new iPhone SE to see how Apple continues to change the tech world today.

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