Get £50 off the Moto G4 Play right now

On the search for a new phone? If you’re looking for a great deal, the Moto G4 Play is now only £79.01. It’s usually priced at £129.98, which means you can save a whole £50 by using promotional codes. You can buy it now on

Pokemon Bank is now compatible with Sun and Moon

The new Pokémon region of Alola is about to feel a whole lot more familiar now that Pokemon Bank has been updated to support Pokémon Sun and Moon. Pokémon Bank is a service that allows players to transfer their favorite Pokémon from Omega Ruby, Alpha

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This swarm of underwater robots mimics ocean life

Plankton, the tiny creatures and plants that drift along with ocean currents, are absolutely vital to the health of our planet. Without them, there’d be no life in the sea. But we don’t know that much about them. Their lives occur on such tiny scales

Best cheap phones in Australia for 2017

While handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6S, LG G5 and the HTC 10 are stealing headlines around the world, there’s a lot of intriguing (and cheap) stuff going on in the world of budget phones. Sadly smartphone innovation isn’t cheap – and most

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Amazon getting ready to set up shop Down Under

Amazon made headlines last year when the Australian Financial Review reported that the US-based e-commerce giant was going to launch in Australia in September 2017, sparking concerns about how that could affect the retail market in the country. While Amazon has never officially confirmed or

Keyboard comeback: BlackBerry Mercury reveal is set for MWC 2017

Following the release of the DTEK50 and DTEK60, BlackBerry’s next step in its Android-making venture – colloquially named the BlackBerry Mercury – could be on the horizon. The news broke via a newly emerged Twitter account for the security-minded phonemaker, whose only tweet thus far

Google Home just cozied up with two new smart home partners

Google Home‘s suite of compatible home automation equipment continues to grow with the Google Assistant-powered speaker gaining two new brands under its belt. Starting today, devices from Belkin’s Wemo line and Honeywell are now partnered up with Google Home, granting users the ability to automate

Google I/O returns to Shoreline Amphitheater from May 17-19

Now we know when Google I/O is. Every new year brings us another year of Google I/O, the company’s annual developers conference. Not only is it the week that we’ll learn about all of Google’s upcoming projects — and Android’s future products — it’s also

Best Telstra phone: 5 we recommend

It’s getting closer to mid-2107, a time when Tesltra said it would have 99% of the country covered with speedy 4G, but it hasn’t forgotten to keep its smartphone offering fresh. With family data plans and the ability to upgrade your smartphone every 12 months

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This sleep-saving iOS feature is coming to your Mac

Hot on the heels of Apple’s battery bug-squashing update, the tech giant has released a beta for the next installment of macOS Sierra that includes a popular, sleep-saving feature from its mobile cousin. Night Shift, which changes the color temperature of your device’s display at

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The best earbuds (in-ear headphones) available today

As much as we love the sound and bass performance of big, hulking over-ear headphones, there are some situations where they simply tend to cause more problems than they’re worth. Whether you’re at the gym, traveling, or just hanging out, sometimes you just want something

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