Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 specs

The latest phone in the Redmi series is a beast. The Redmi Note 4 has made its debut in India, offering enticing specs and a great all-metal design. The Indian variant is powered by Qualcomm’s 14nm Snapdragon 625, and comes with 4GB of RAM and

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The new Fujifilm X100F is a speed demon of a camera

The original Fujifilm X100 was the original camera that launched the company’s mirrorless series and now we’re finally getting its latest iteration. The Fujifilm X100F follows after the Fujifilm X100T with a higher-resolution 24.3MP X-Trans III CMOS APS-C sensor. Another improvement users will find on

The best cheap soundbar deals in January 2017

Soundbars make a lot of sense. On their own, most TVs simply don’t have the capacity to output stunning video and exceptional audio. Unless you’re buying a top-of-the-line OLED from LG, you’re probably only getting the former without the latter. But there’s still hope. You

Big hint: LG G6 invite cleverly teases exact launch date

The LG G6 launch date is February 26 noon in Barcelona, according to subtle hints in a newly issued invite to the company’s MWC 2017 press conference. Okay, sure, this fireworks-filled invite actually spells out next month’s date and even the time, but it doesn’t

Super Mario Run on Android: What we know so far

Here we go! (not quite yet for Android users, though…) Super Mario Run is finally here, seeing a release in over 150 countries through the iOS App Store. Super Mario Run was first announced by Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind the most iconic character in

Super Mario Run is coming to Android in March!

That was shorter than expected, honestly. Nintendo has been teasing the release of Super Mario Run on Android since it put the app up in the Play Store for “pre-registration” back in December, but now we know that the game will fully release in March.

Super Mario Run Android release date announced

Super Mario Run for Android is finally triple jumping its way from its iOS debut in December, according to the official Nintendo Twitter account. It’ll launch two months from now with a March release date, meaning Apple’s phones and tablets had a three-month exclusive on

Nintendo’s next mobile game lands on Android Feb 2

They’ll figure it out eventually, right? Nintendo is following quickly behind the launch of Super Mario Run with another mobile title from its coveted IP. Instead of focusing on turning a popular game into a weird, single-hand mobile spin, we’re getting a strategy game backed

Nintendo’s next mobile game is also not coming to Android first

They’ll figure it out eventually, right? Nintendo is following quickly behind the launch of Super Mario Run with another mobile title from its coveted IP. Instead of focusing on turning a popular game into a weird, single-hand mobile spin, we’re getting a strategy game backed

Google explains how Android detects malware before it gets out of hand

Hummingbad, Ghost Push, and Googligan — malware that didn’t stand a chance against Google’s DOI metric. Security! No, really, security. That word is practically synonymous with the Android operating system, which is why the Android Developers Blog is always taking about it. In today’s installation,

Tidal now lets you fiddle with your favorite jams

Tidal may be used to pulling publicity stunts to set itself apart, (remember that whole business with The Life of Pablo “never, never, never” coming to Apple Music?) but the music streaming service’s latest feature manages to be noteworthy, even if it’s more low-key. Tidal

The best cheap Chromebook deals in January 2017

Chromebooks are already designed to be laptops for those without the scratch for some high-falutin’ Ultrabook or MacBook. So, to find deals on devices already designed to be cheap can be a difficult undertaking. Alas, laptop makers like Acer, Asus, Dell and more have managed

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The BlackBerry Priv Review Re-Do: before Mercury rises

It’s been 14 months since the BlackBerry Priv launched, and it still does some things amazingly well — but amazingly slow. The Priv is still a security powerhouse, and has some great features, but why does it take so long to launch everything? MrMobile takes

Is this big piece of glass part of the Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 is coming, and this might be the front end of it. We have no way of knowing what this big piece of glass is. @DforDesign tells us it’s part of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and mentions that it’s rounded at the top

Best Tablets for Kids of 2017

If you’re in the market for kid-friendly tablets, we’ve got a list of contenders. Every kid wants a tablet. They’re fun, portable, easy to use, and they keep the little ones entertained. If your children have seen you working (or playing) on a tablet, chances

Google buys mobile app toolkit Fabric from Twitter

Twitter has announced that Google has purchased Fabric for an undisclosed sum. Fabric is Twitter’s set of tools that helps mobile app developers to build, distribute and monetize apps. These tools are designed to give developers easy access to Gnip, Fabric’s data platform, and the

5 of the best Linux remote desktop clients

This article was provided to TechRadar by Linux Format, the number one magazine to boost your knowledge on Linux, open source developments, distro releases and much more. Subscribe to the print or digital version of Linux Format here. SSH has been the staple remote access

NVIDIA Shield vs. Shield Pro: Which should I buy?

We know NVIDIA Shield rocks a solid Android TV experience, but the Shield Pro might just be the better buy for some. The NVIDIA Shield TV does just about everything from streaming 4K movies and TV shows to playing high-end Android games with the included

Best Screen Protectors for Galaxy S7

What are the best screen protectors for the GS7? The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best phones out right now. With its beautiful glass curves, you’ll want to try and protect the screen from scuffs and scratches. After many months of waiting for

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